Innovative & Bespoke Property Development

Combining quality investment in all the stages of your development

Alchemy Build services all the requirements of London property owners having work carried out on their residences and businesses without any of the hassle a property renovation might commonly entail. 

Decades of combined experience within the real estate sector coupled with home-grown knowledge of London ensure the management team in place at Alchemy Build have all the tools required to facilitate any size project, encompassing everything from consultancy with an experienced architect and designers to utilisation of skilled tradesmen.

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Our consultancy will aim to minimise any deviations whilst attempting to build in sufficient flexibility to our plans to allow minor alterations without overheads as we progress. 


The dedicated professionals at Alchemy Build have the expertise and experience to partner innovative and imaginative concepts with a pragmatic awareness.


Having created a foundation with a robust and achievable plan we have no doubt you’ll be pleased that the skilled artisans we employ to physically build a tangible product develop exactly what you require.