South Kensington

Before any refurbishment work could begin on this particular project numerous plans had to be submitted to the freeholder.

This meant Alchemy’s in-house team of engineers and architects had to get straight to work.

Although most of the work was aesthetic, this project comprised of some structural work too. Namely, removing a large, solid column from the kitchen area to create the open-plan living space.

This had connotations not just in terms of the load the column was supportive of but also had ramifications in terms of fire safety.

We worked closely with the local authority’s building control from beginning to end and ultimately implemented an ‘Automist’ system to ensure the project did not only look great but also held in mind the greater issue of safety to all residents within the block.

Automist is effectively a modern fire sprinkler system but where traditional systems poured water from above to deal with the fire, Automist uses sensors and dedicated pumps to create a mist that extinguishes the source of the fire with minimal damage to the property and contents in such an emergency. 

To anyone I recommend Aaron and his team to create your high-end finished product let it be a family home or your personnel office.

- Miss L, South Kensington

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