Privacy Smartglass

Privacy smartglass switches from opaque to clear at the flick of a switch. This product is mainly used internally as a single glazed partition in bathrooms, meeting rooms and bedroom divides.

However, it can also be used externally as the interior pane of a double glazed until in external windows, doors and rooflights.

Solar Smartglass

Solar Smartglass switches from a dark navy tint to a clear at the flick of a switch.

At its darkest Solar Smartglass blocks out 99% of all visual light transmission though the glass, while still remaining transparent. This allows the user to tune the glass to regulate the amount of glare and light that passes though the window, but does not impact on the view outside.

BlackOut Smartglass

Containing two interlayers of Solar Smartglass switchable film, the BlackOut Smartglass product switches from a clear glass option to a fully black glass.

This product is also mainly used externally as the interior pane of a double, or even triple glazed unit. As a handy, substitute for blinds or curtains. It is used in these areas: rooflights, gable end/shaped windows, light wells.