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21 March 2023

Who Should I call To Move My Meter?

Positions of electric and gas meters can often prove obtrusive for remodelling projects. Within period properties especially, these meters are frequently located in positions unsuitable for modern living.

If you are undertaking building work and need to move an energy meter, the first thing you should be aware of is that you can’t move your meter yourself – it’s illegal. How far you want to move the meter will dictate who you need to contact to carry out the work. We give you some recommendations below based on this.

Moving your energy meter less than 1 metre

You should contact your supplier and explain why you want the meter moved. The price your energy supplier quotes you for this should be compare to what other energy providers offer as it may work out cheaper for you to change energy provider.

Only your current supplier can mover your meter. If you want another supplier to move your meter you must switch to their services first.

If you’re a priority customer you may receive this service for free. You’ll most likely be a priority customer if you’re; a pensioner, disabled or suffering from a long-term illness.

Moving your energy meter more than 1 metre

You must contact your local electrical distributor or the gas board. Only they should install the necessary cables or pipe respectively. This work would usually start at a flat rate of around £400 but can often rise depending on the work that needs to be carried out.

You may be able to reduce this cost by having competent and certified tradesmen carry out the labour intensive aspects of the work.

If you do need intend on moving your energy meter then why not contact your energy provider today? Having this task already completed / scheduled will only aid your builder or contractor in completing the project.

Remember, certain certified tradesmen can still carry out work around the meter once it’s been relocated.